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How to adapt the courses or trainings that are already functioning in face-to-face and make them effective in a metaverse learning environment? 

New Education Horizons (NEdHo) adventure started in 2020 with the need of making aviation courses more affordable and accessible despite rapid changes in the world. Bringing people together no matter the time and distance, train specialists with the same effectiveness that in face-to-face even if they are thousands of kilometers away, reduce costs keeping same quality of education that’s how the leap towards the metaverse started.


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Cristina obae

Innovative, visionary, and forward-thinking educational leader,  and HundrED Ambassador, Cristina has been teaching for the last 20 years both at University and Secondary school level. She is passionate about curriculum and technology, strongly believing that it is through quality education that we can support the humankind and make the world advance one step at a time. Having a first PhD from the University of Bordeaux, a 2nd master’s degree in Educational Leadership from, TAMK, Finland, and pursuing research with a 2nd PhD on metaverse learning environments and curriculum at University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, she is actively using the Finnish education approach into curriculum design.

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