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NEdHo started during the Covid-19 pandemic when we realized that the emergency remote teaching wasn’t successful. Thinking of our children’s wellbeing and wanting them to succeed in the future, we started researching about the solution that will offer continuity in students’ education independently of the external situations.

No matter if there’s a world pandemic, a war, no matter if they are at home or traveling abroad with their entire family, children should be allowed to continue undisturbed their education. This means that we need to move education to a safe learning environment.
Online learning comes as a natural solution, but it’s not enough.

For having quality education in online and preparing children for the future we need a complex learning environment where real-life tasks are possible. 2D environments as all the different communication platforms used during the emergency remote learning aren’t offering that. We need something more powerful, something that will bring presence into online education.
Listening to Jeremy Bailenson’s speech at the Standford’s „Transformative Experiences” conference in 2019 we realized that we need VR as „presence is what makes VR special”.

A New Education Horizon was born.

It’s not just giving a tool that you solve the problem of education. Using VR, specially adapting the curriculum to the new learning environment, keeping the balance between real-life activities and online through adopting the Finish pedagogy, that’s what NEdHo is offering you. 

Our goal is to offer quality education to children worldwide.

Join us in this wonderful journey and let’s take together the learning to infinty and beyond!

Transformative Experiences: VR for Good | Samsung CEO Summit. (2019, November 23). VHIL.


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Cristina obae

Innovative, visionary, and forward-thinking educational leader,  and HundrED Ambassador, Cristina has been teaching for the last 18 years both at University and Secondary school level. She is passionate about technology and strongly believes that it is through quality education that we can support the humankind and make the world advance one step at a time. Having a PhD in French didactics and linguistics from the University of Bordeaux, a 2nd master’s degree in Educational Leadership from, TAMK, Finland, and pursuing research with a 2nd PhD on metaverse learning environments and curriculum at University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, she is actively using the Finnish education approach into curriculum design.

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